Getting Started

Getting Creative with Accessories

In addition to all the features on your HiFive, you can add accessories to expand the things you can do with it. A speaker accessory is included with your BBC Doctor Who HiFive Inventor Coding Kit.

While you can connect almost anything to your HiFive, we’ve curated a list of plug and play accessories that are a great next step to advance your learnings of computer programming and electronics.

SparkFun micro:bot

Robots are fun, and the micro:bit is the perfect controller for learning how to build and program robots! Combining the HiFive with the SparkFun moto:bit carrier board creates a flexible, low-cost, Qwiic-enabled robotics platform for robot enthusiasts young and old! With the SparkFun micro:bot kit you will be able to create simple robots quickly without spending hours learning how to build and program your bot. The kit does not require any soldering and is recommended for anyone curious about robotics.


SparkFun micro:climate

The SparkFun micro:climate kit is a full weather station kit that is built on top of the weather:bit carrier board. The micro:climate kit is Qwiic enabled and includes Weather Meters and Soil Moisture Sensor, so whether you’re an agriculturalist, a professional meteorologist or a hobbyist, you will be able to build a high-grade weather station powered by the HiFive. You can even talk via wireless communication between the HiFive with this kit and a computer to be able to monitor the weather without being exposed to it! The kit does not require any soldering and is recommended for anyone curious about weather-sensing technology.


SparkFun gator:science

As part of SparkFun's gator:bit series of alligator-clippable accessories, the SparkFun gator:science Kit includes all of the current sensor-related gator:boards to get started playing with the SparkFun gator:bit ecosystem. It includes seven HiFive accessory boards to expand the functionality & your ability to experiment right out of the box along with the latest revision of the gator:bit; an all-in-one “carrier” board for your HiFive that provides you with a fully functional development and prototyping platform. This kit is recommended for all users, from beginners to engineers and does not require any soldering at all! Inside this kit you will find a gator:microphone audio board, gator:UV ultraviolet sensor, gator:soil moisture sensor, gator:environment CCS811 and BME280 sensor, gator:particle biometric sensor, gator:RTC (real time clock), and gator:log data logger. Additionally, we've also included a SparkFun gator:bit V2.0, alligator cables, and a 1GB microSD card and USB adapter! This all-in-one kit makes it easy to add sensors in the classroom or educational setting.


Pimoroni enviro:bit

Sense the world around you with enviro:bit! It's loaded with sensors for air and weather, color and light, and sound, and slots right onto your HiFive. Just slot in your HiFive, then code enviro:bit with the block-based programming language or Micropython in the Tynker Workshop editor. The sensors go hand-in-hand really well with the LED matrix on HiFive, letting you graph sensors readings or have the LEDs react to sound, for example. Comes fully-assembled and ready to use including a BME280 temperature, pressure, and humidity sensor, TCS3472 light and color sensor and MEMS microphone. No soldering required!


Pimoroni noise:bit

Make your HiFive sing with the noise:bit! It's a tiny speaker that packs a fair bit of punch, and it's perfect for BLEEPS and BLOOPS! Just slot in your HiFive and use the block-based programming language or Micropython in the Tynker Workshop editor to generate tones, sounds, and speech. Comes fully-assembled and ready to use with a TPA301 amplifier chip and 8Ω 2W Mylar speaker. No soldering required!


Pimoroni touch:bit

Six handy touch-sensitive buttons and LEDs for your HiFive. Use touch:bit as a controller for games on your HiFive’s LED matrix. Just slot in your HiFive and then code the touch:bit with the block-based programming language or Micropython in the Tynker Workshop editor. You can easily link functions to specific button presses, have the LEDs on each button light automatically on a touch, or set the LEDs manually. Comes fully-assembled and ready to use with 6 capacitive touch buttons, 6 bright white LEDs, a CAP1166 capacitive touch and LED driver. No soldering required!


Pimoroni bit:commander

The bit:commander is a great device for powering and experimenting with the HiFive. The bit:commander includes an edge Connector for easy connection of the HiFive, an on/off switch, blue power indicator, 6 multi-colour RGB LEDs (aka neopixels), 4 square 12mm push buttons with colored caps (Red. Yellow, Green, Blue), analog dial input with min, max and intermediate markings, analog Joystick with X and Y movement and a push switch and a powered miniature speaker. Suggested uses include acting as a remote control for another HiFive device, acting as a self-contained portable (no wires) games console, experimenting with various digital and analog inputs available as well as the speaker and neopixel outputs. Everything is pre-fitted. No wires, soldering or jumpoers to fiddle with.

(*) Pin 0 is used both for speaker output (using the music or tone output methods) as well as the dial analog input. This causes some compromises - most notable of which is that the dial analog input cannot reach its normal maximum value of 1023 and stops at around 850 instead. As long as the software understands this, then it shouldn't be a problem.

(*) Red Button: Pin 12 is not connected on the HiFive therefore it will not function.

(*) The bit:commander is only powered if batteries are fitted and it is switched on. Powering the HiFive does not power the bit:commander. However, when the bit:commander is powered up, then it will also power the HiFive.


Pimoroni simon:says

This is a simon:says board for the HiFive. With this board you can create your own Simon Says game by programming the HiFive. We provide a simple example should you require it or why not jump in and make one from scratch? What about a two player version using the HiFive wireless function? Features 4 x WS2812B addressable RGB LEDs (also known as NeoPixels), 1 x buzzer, 4 x rubber feet, 4 x capacitive touch pads.

(*) Touch Pad C: Pin 12 is not connected on the HiFive therefore it will not function.


Kitronik :game

The Kitronik :GAME ZIP 64 is the ultimate retro gaming accessory for the HiFive. It has been designed to be an all-in-one hand-held gaming platform, that also includes a built in, 64 (8x8) individually addressable full colour ZIP LED, and screen. It features on-board sound, 4 x directional buttons, 2 fire buttons, haptic feedback, and breakout points so shoulder buttons or I2C devices can be added. All of these features are fully programmable. Also includes breakout points to allow for the use of larger LED screens. All of the HiFive’s features are still available when plugged in to the :GAME ZIP 64, so your games can still make use of the LED matrix, accelerometer etc. Power is provided via the built-in 3 x AA battery cages that have been ergonomically placed to act as hand grips, making the :GAME ZIP 64 comfortable to hold and play. Kitronik have produced some example games in MicroPython that can be freely downloaded from the resources section, so you can begin playing games straight away. If you prefer to code your own games, it also offers the perfect platform for developing and testing HiFive games.


Having worked through many of these accessories, you should now be ready to connect up anything you can imagine to your HiFive!